Principal services provided

Survey work and Lead generation

Talk to your customers and figure out what makes them really tick.

Order taking and order processing

Take inbound orders and process product requests.

Technical Support and Help Desk

Customer service concerning the tough questions.

Telemarketing and Telesales

Increase sales at the home office with skillful lead generation and appointment setting.

Data collection

Get the correct information, analyze it and make new decisions.


Call customers and remind them they owe and should make a payment.

Inbound Customer Care

Give your valuable customers the attention they deserve.

Direct Marketing

Do mailings, radio ads, press, Internet and Mobile. Get those phones ringing.

Sales Acquisition and Customer Retention

Get new customers and keep them happy.

Social Media Marketing

Interact with new potential customers on social media.

Market Research

Do the research and answer the questions that have been bugging you.