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Our Company

Action Belize Call Center Group is a dynamic, professional call center group focused on helping you succeed in your business goals. Whatever your requirements – customer service, help desk, outbound sales, surveys, appointment setting — ABC Group has the experience to get your project up and running quickly and successfully.

Less than 3 hours from most US cities, ABC Group is quickly turning Belize into one of the top destinations for English and Spanish outsourced call center services and BPO projects.

Who are we

ABC Group is made up of talented local Call Center, IT and telecom specialists who have an extensive reach to the call center & BPO resources in the country. Belize’s official language is English and many agents are fluent in Spanish as well. The majority are well-educated with High School and University degrees.

The Locations

ABC Group presently runs two centers located in San Ignacio and Belmopan. The centers are growing quickly under the supervision of the ever-present Country Manager – Tony Arzu. ABC group is fully supported by the local government, the Ministry of Commerce and Beltraide – the Belize Trade Development Service. Both San Ignacio and Belmopan Centers are within easy reach of most US cites. Our US clients frequently visit and spend long periods at the center working with the agents and enjoying the country.

Alliance with

As a value-added proposition and one that sets ABC Group apart from any other center in Belize – all projects launched with ABC Group are also supervised by the well-known Call Center Consultancy Group – A 20-year pioneer in the nearshore call center industry HCC supports the US English and Spanish segments exclusively from Latin American centers. The company began offering cross border services in 1996 and has successfully onboarded more than 50 clients during the last 4 years alone.

The breakdown

More than 80% of the ABC Group campaigns are inbound – customer service, inbound sales acquisition and back office. About twenty percent is outbound sales and outbound lead generation. And the final segment is dedicated to projects of customer research, surveys and data verification.

The verticals currently served

Among the large number of verticals presently served, it is worthwhile to mention tax case processing, electronic device technical support, benefits management, mergers – acquisitions lead gen, energy sales and service, charity promotion, travel customer service, advertising sales, social media management, education course matching & enrollment, loan and financial services and surveys on behalf of large US national grocery brands, as well as the well-known TV program “Family Feud”.

Who works with us.

ABC Group works with small, medium and large companies. More than ninety percent of the ABC Group projects are commissioned by American, Canadian and UK clients on a pay-per- hour basis. This alone speaks highly of the quality of the agents and supervisory staff at the centers. Agents find quality projects very rewarding and the staff attrition is almost zero.

Prices and Contracts

In call center services, ABC Group is 50% cheaper than similar services provided from Canada and US providers. Typically we are 10 – 20% cheaper than other similar services in Latin America. We write clear concise contracts and focus on getting you the results you require.

Typical contracts start with one or two month pilots whereby you can leave the engagement at any time without further responsibility. After that we only request 30 days’ notice. We have a highly experienced Human Resource, Quality, IT and Telecom staff that are ready to begin discussing your requirements now.


If you have any questions, please use the contact form located on this site, and we will return a note quickly.

Principal services provided

* Survey work and Lead generation

* Inbound Customer Care

* Order taking and order processing

* Direct Marketing

* Technical Support and Help Desk

* Sales Acquisition and Customer Retention

* Telemarketing and Telesales

* Social Media Marketing

* Data collection

* Market Research

* Collections

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Our corporate office location:

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